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These are unprecedented times and we all need to do our part to ensure we remain safe and healthy. There is no effort considered to be too small, as each and every action we take as a society can help others. At Flexaust, we have been assisting the healthcare sector in the best way we know how.


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, hospitals are at capacity leading to an influx in temporary hospital structures.

These structures need proper ventilation and we have been ready to supply our FX-180SF HVAC blower hoses to ensure they are up to standard. We also have supplied ADC hoses ideal for indoor healthcare facilities.

For more information on how we can support our country's healthcare efforts:

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We guarantee to ship your order (250 ft. max order) by end of the next business day or we pay freight.

Look for the 24-hour ship icon on the site. Where you see the icon, we can ship it in 24 hours!

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Spring Has Sprung!

The spring season is in full swing. Although it brings vibrant colors and warmer weather, it also means more clean-up! So be sure to use our Flexadux® HT-W leaf collection vacuum hose – perfect for all commercial landscapers!

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Mulch Blowing

Stop using heavy PVC hoses for your mulch blowing applications. Instead, our Flex-Tube® PU is durable and lighter. We also offer hose connectors and bridge-clamps specifically made for this hose.

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